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Office 365 to be hosted locally in Australia

In this 15-minute executive debrief, Gordon Tan from R & G Technologies will cover the Office 365 Australia launch details.

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Microsoft is turning Lync into Skype for Business (and making it even better)

Join us as we explore what this change means to organisations who currently use or plan to use Microsoft Lync.

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Data sovereignty issues: a 15 minute debrief for not-for-profits

In this 15 minute debrief for not-for-profit executives, we will explain all the important issues relating to data sovereignty.

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SharePoint Features: 3 ways to enhance collaboration and boost productivity

Are you thinking of using SharePoint in your organisation but would like to know more about it first? Join us as we explore three SharePoint features that you can customise to dramatically improve your team's collaboration and productivity.

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File sharing tools: Dropbox vs Google Drive vs OneDrive

We are being inundated with so many file sharing tools. In this 30 minute webinar, we will review and compare the three leading file sharing tool, show you the benefits of each tool and open up the tools to show you how you can use them to boost productivity and collaboration.

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Email Marketing Best Practices for Not-For-Profit Organisations

Email is the number one communication channel for not-for-profit organisations. Simon Byrne, email marketing specialist at Sign-Up.to, joins us to share some email marketing best practices.

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5 collaboration tools you can use to improve teamwork

In this 30 minute, behind-the-curtains webinar, we'll take a look at five collaboration tools that we use at R & G Technologies and have been recommending to other Australian organisations.

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8 Tools You Can Use To Increase Office Productivity

To improve office productivity, it helps to leverage new tools and technology. This week's webinar looks at eight productivity tools that your not-for-profit can use to get more work done.

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Office 365 for Not-for-Profit Organisations

A recent announcement by Microsoft has confirmed Office 365 is now FREE for not-for-profit organisations in Australia - a potential saving of tens of thousands of dollars.

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Office 365 Update: July 2014

Office 365 is improving. Find out what's changed and how it can help you boost productivity and team collaboration.

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How the modern not-for-profit thrives in the age of Cloud Computing and Technology

Discover how not-for-profit organisations use cloud computing and new technology to increase efficiencies and improve productivity.

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