SharePoint Features: 3 ways to enhance collaboration and boost productivity

Are you thinking of using SharePoint in your organisation but would like to know more about it first?

In this short 30 minute webinar, we will cover...

  • What SharePoint is and why organisations are flocking to the platform
  • Challenges organisations need to be aware of when moving to SharePoint
  • How to properly setup document management so your team can seamlessly share and organise important documents
  • How to setup team sites that centralise important information and make it easily accessible
  • How to correctly setup your security settings to reduce the risk of data-loss
  • The differences between SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online

Watch the webinar recording:

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About The Presenter

Tony Nissen is the National Solutions Manager for R & G Technologies. He has consulted to some of Australia's largest and most successful not-for-profit organisations.

Tony is a sought after speaker, presenting at conferences such as Connecting Up, Third Sector and other NFP events. He was also invited to co-present at Connecting Up's sold out Technology Leadership Academy in conjunction with US based technology evangelist and NFP strategist John Kenyon.

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