File sharing tools: Dropbox vs Google Drive vs OneDrive

We are being inundated with so many file sharing tools. Which one is the best fit for you?

In this short 30 minute webinar, we will cover...

  • Review and compare the three leading tools: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive.
  • Show you the benefits of each tool and some applicable use cases.
  • Open up the tools and show you how he uses them to boost productivity and collaboration.

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  • An established player in the market

  • Easy to share files and folders with other people

  • Seamless syncing between devices

  • Used primarily for personal use, business offering is still finding its feet

  • Data resides outside of Australia - can pose data data sovereignty issues

  • Pricing: Free plan gives you 2GB. Paid plans from $10.99 for 1TB

  • Nonprofit Pricing: N/A

  • Sign up:

Google Drive

  • Makes document collaboration really easy with seamless integration with Google docs

  • Works well with Google Apps and Gmail

  • To get the most out of Google Drive you really need to switch over to Google

  • This change can be hard for you and your team

  • Pricing: Free plan gives you 15GB. Paid plans from $9.99 for 1TB

  • Nonprofit Pricing: Google Apps suite and 30GB free

  • Sign up:


  • Syncs well Microsoft's Office 365 suite

  • Works well with Microsoft devices - e.g. Windows 8, Microsoft Surface, Windows phones, etc

  • OneDrive business solution is quite new and still a cloudy option for organisations

  • Pricing: Free plan gives you 15GB. Paid plans from $2.50 for 1TB

  • Nonprofit Pricing: Office 365 suite heavility discounted at $6-8 per user with 1TB.

  • Sign up:

About The Presenter

Ross Beard is the Marketing Manager for R & G Technologies.

He uses these file sharing tools to boost productivity and team collaboration. Ross will share real examples of how he leverages these tools.

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