Case Study:
Trevor Roberts & Associates

Meet the Client

Trevor-Roberts works with a range of organisations throughout Australia to help them grow and develop their people through our range of programs designed for executives, managers and professional staff.

The Challenge/Problem

Trevor-Roberts & Associates, a leading career management firm, was expanding from a single site in Brisbane to a national enterprise with offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

With their current IT systems due for replacement, the firm was seeking guidance in how to refresh their infrastructure cost effectively without sacrificing any operational efficiencies.

The key objectives set by Trevor Roberts for the new system were:

  • Provide staff with a familiar interface using Microsoft software so no training was required
  • Be capable of supporting the firm’s CRM, Line of Business Applications and Finance Systems which must be accessible from all office locations
  • Provide integration to all types of mobile devices and provide consultants with access at home if required
  • Appropriately mitigate the risk of downtime (target was set as 99.99% uptime)
  • Provide enterprise grade backup and security of Trevor Roberts Intellectual Property
  • Improve performance of the current system for end users and consultants

What we did

After a complete assessment of the business, R & G provided a feasibility and cost analysis for both traditional (local) and cloud (hosted desktop) solutions.

The cloud-based (hosted desktop) solution provided all IT infrastructure and support on the basis of a single, per-user fee. The scalability, flexibility and cost savings were ideal for an expanding firm who were demanding increased mobility for their consultants, and no system downtime.

Following review, the client engaged R & G to implement the hosted desktop solution, which was completed over 3 days.

The Result

The chosen solution allows Trevor Roberts to remove operational IT headaches whilst providing a 20% saving on all IT costs compared to the local solution.

  • Saving 20% pa on total IT costs
  • Entire offices and project teams can be provisioned in hours and scaled up and down as needed
  • Total IT cost is easily budgeted, and based on a per user per month model
  • No longer requires hardware or software upgrading
  • IT is now Stress Free

Benefits Realised

Trevor-Roberts have realised a number of benefits since engaging R & G to deliver Private Cloud Computing:

  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • IT is now Stress Free
  • IT is costing the organisation less
  • Total IT cost is easily budgeted, and ultimately simple to manage
“R&G Technologies have become our fully outsourced IT department and play a critical strategic and operational role in the effective functioning of our business. ┬áThe reliability of their infrastructure combined with their rapid response time for support queries has removed the technology worries from the business.”
Rudi TargagliaEdwin Trevor

CEO, Trevor-Roberts

Project team

Tony Nissen

Solutions Manager

Jason Neville

General Manager

Mike Bentzen

Software Engineer

Mike Brown

Senior Consultant

Ryan Tucker

System Adminstrator

Scott Rawson

Senior Consultant

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