IaaS solutions for Not for Profit organisations

We provide not for profit organisations with discounted IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions that run on the reliable Azure platform.

Instead of hosting your files, email and applications on a local server, our IaaS solution deploys these IT services in the cloud.

We partnered with Connecting Up to deliver this IaaS platform as the preferred - and heavily discounted - option for Australian not for profit organisations.

Why not for profits choose us for IaaS

  • Our IaaS platform is certified by Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO).
  • We are Australian owned with all data residing in our local Brisbane data centre.
  • Save a minimum of 30% when compared to existing IaaS providers (AWS, Azure, Rackspace).
  • Our experienced and certified IT team offer 24/7 local support. We can help you deploy and manage your IT and cloud services.
  • As a single-source supplier, our software development team can increase efficiency by integrating your apps, software and reporting tools.
  • We can quickly deploy Office 365 and SharePoint on your IaaS solution.

Special not for profit IaaS pricing and discounts

Our IaaS is a discount (30%+) on existing IaaS providers. This is due to a charity program we have implemented with Connecting Up.

  • Basic: 2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 100GB Disk Storage, 50GB Internet Data Transit. $132.52/month
  • Standard: 10 vCPUs, 40GB RAM, 600GB Disk Storage, 200GB Internet Data Transit. $666.60/month
  • Enterprise: 24 vCPUs, 96GB RAM, 1.2TB Disk Storage, 400GB Internet Data Transit. $1518.24/month

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What makes R & G Technologies different?

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Not for Profit IaaS solutions across Australia

We service not for profit clients in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. If you need a local IaaS solution at a discounted not for profit price, call us to see how we can help.

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Case Study: Help Enterprises

Help Enterprises is a Brisbane not for profit organisation with a commercial vision. We helped them reduce IT costs and improve productivity through our IT Support, IT Consulting and Cloud Computing services.

Case Study: Xavier Children's Support Network

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