Application integration solutions

Our application integration consultants can get your supply chain, ERP, CRM, business intelligence, payroll and human resources applications integrated and communicating with each other.

Stop wasting time pulling data from one application and re-purposing it in another application. Let us help you integrate your applications and get them all communicating together.

Why we recommend application integration

  • Improved information sharing. Our consultants enable the flow of information between separate software programs and applications. We give you a single point of access to all your data so you can stop using multiple applications and start using just on.
  • Automation. We streamline data or activity from multiple applications. For example, we can take data from your CRM and integrate it with your ERP, business intelligence software or analytics program.
  • Reduced IT complexity. Adopting new technology can be a hard process. Simplifying new technology through smart and efficient application integration can eliminate complicated roadblocks. We can use application integration to create a better - and more efficient - user experience for your employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Why R & G customers choose us for application integration

  • Help you use IT to grow your business. Our proactive IT solutions help you use IT as an enabler to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.
  • Single-source IT supplier. We don't just offer software consulting. Our broad experience means we can help you improve all areas of IT within your business.
  • Improve staff productivity. IT is increasingly being used to improve productivity. Our IT consultants can implement systems and technologies to help your employees work smarter and more efficiently.

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What makes R & G Technologies different?

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Brisbane application integration consulting

Our head office is located in Brisbane. If you need a local application integration consultant, call us to learn how we can help.

If you are located outside of Brisbane, we can still help. Our interstate offices serve clients nationwide.

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