5 collaboration tools you can use to improve teamwork

Teamwork is hard. When you have to rely on others to get your projects complete, there always tends to be a lot of waiting around and time wastage.

In this 30 minute, behind-the-curtains webinar, we'll take a look at five collaboration tools that we use at R & G Technologies and have been recommending to other Australian organisations.

We'll review five tools: Google Drive, WeTransfer, Lync, SharePoint and Basecamp

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Collaboration Tools Mentioned In This Webinar:

Google Drive
  • Google Drive is a file storage and synchronisation service provided by Google.

  • Keep pictures, designs, drawings, recordings, videos - anything. See your stuff anywhere.

  • Great for quickly sharing and collaborating on documents with colleagues.

  • Similar to Dropbox, OneDrive.

  • Google.com/Drive
  • WeTransfer is a free service to send big or small files from A to B.

  • Perfect for when you want to send bigger files (+5 mb that you don't want clogging up the recipients inbox)

  • Website files, design files and marketing images.

  • WeTranser.com
  • Lync is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform.

  • Online meetings, instant messaging, audio and video calls, availability info, and sharing capabilities.

  • Easier way to communicate. Eliminates a lot of internal email and opens up instant lines of communication.

  • products.office.com/en/lync
  • SharePoint is a document management and collaboration tool developed by Microsoft

  • Intranet and content management system used for internal purposes to assist with bringing a team together

  • Promotes organisational collaboration & unity

  • Say goodbye to internal group emails and attachments

  • office.microsoft.com/en-au/sharepoint
  • Web-based project management tool. World's #1

  • To-do lists, wiki-style web-based text documents, milestone management, file sharing, time tracking, and a messaging system

  • Centralise projects and bring team members together

  • To-do lists to keep everyone on track. File sharing and messaging enable collaboration

  • Basecamp.com

About The Presenter

Ross Beard is the Marketing Manager for R & G Technologies.

He uses most of these tools on a daily basis to improve his teamwork and collaboration. He will share real examples of how R & G Technologies leverages these tools inside their organisation.

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