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Nowadays, people are turning to cloud servers for a convenient way to manage their businesses. This has led to an increasing number of cloud computing platforms and cloud hosting servers. But why settle for software when you can work with a team of IT professionals instead?

Managed Cloud Computing

As a leading cloud computing company, our services are not just limited to cloud computing. We also offer remote support, network and servers and endpoint security to name a few.

Cloud Computing

At Raw Gigabit Technologies, cloud computing is our bread and butter. We keep up-to-date with and invest in the latest cloud based technologies to organise and protect your data.

Could Consulting

Most computing companies just focus on emerging technology. We go beyond that and provide business strategies to improve productivity and ensure your processes are seamless.

Fast Cloud Computing Services

For years, we have been using trusted cloud based technologies and cloud hosting servers that can optimise your cloud investment. From moving your data to the cloud to offering many other cloud services, we action our step-by-step processes quickly and efficiently.

Delivering scalable solutions is part of what we do, therefore, expect to receive bulletproof plans from us. Our experts don’t just settle for mediocre strategies. We aim for the best because we know we have the capabilities and knowledge to guide your company to success.

Experienced & Passionate Team

The cost of cloud computing can be high, especially if your business is small. This is why our team of experts have come up with a way to offer you cloud computing services that are affordable, but still extremely high quality. For years, our team has come up with successful and affordable cloud solutions.

We also ensure that all of our processes are transparent. We value honesty and communication with our customers, which is why we provide complete visibility throughout all our services such as cloud data recovery, cloud hosting services or cloud computing security to name a few.

Australian Based Team

We are the number one cloud computing company based in Australia, and have many satisfied customers that can vouch for us. The cloud computing services and cloud hosting servers (cloud service amazon for example) that we offer, are designed to drive success for your business.

Among the many cloud-based solutions that we offer, we specialise in cloud data recovery and cloud computing security so you can rest assured knowing that no matter what happens, your data and resources will remain safe and secure by our Australian-based team of passionate and hardworking IT experts.

Ready to see your business prosper?

Transition your business online with the help of our cloud computing services. There is no need for you to worry about the cost of cloud computing or the risks as we have designed the right solutions for every corporation. Organise your free consultancy now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For some people, defining cloud computing can be too technical, so here’s a simpler explanation. Moving to the cloud means that you can access system resources, data storage and even computing power utilising the internet, without having to provide the physical infrastructure. When this happens, business owners can expect flexible resources and innovative cloud computing solutions.

    Some popular brands that utilise cloud computing are Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace. When choosing which brand to go with, you must first determine the target and needs of your business. Narrow the list down from there to come up with the brand that suits your needs.

    A cloud server, like cloud server amazon, is a collection of servers connected to the Internet. It is pooled and centralised so that multiple users can access and utilise them.

    One advantage of having a cloud server is that you have full control over your files. It’s also fast and stable, eliminating issues you might have with hardware servers. If you would like to upgrade, you just simply add disk space and memory with a few clicks.

    Some of the most well-known cloud platforms are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, and Google Cloud Platform. These are public cloud platforms that act as third-party providers.

    There are a lot of benefits that you can receive from cloud computing. Some of these are reduced IT costs, increased scalability and flexibility, and business continuity. Cloud computing also reduces workload, particularly in updating your IT requirements. It can automatically update with the latest cloud-based technologies.

    Cloud backup is a type of service in which your business data and applications are stored and backed up on a remote server. This is ideal if you have business-critical data that you wish to keep safe. In terms of cloud data recovery, once the data has been added to the cloud, you can easily restore or gain access to it whenever required.

    It’s virtually impossible for a cloud to disappear. When one server fails, there are plenty more servers ready to take its place. This is why most businesses opt to transfer their data into the cloud. In fact, there are cloud computing platforms that can store your data for up to 30 years whereas physical drives may only last up to 5 years.

    Cloud computing security is one of its core strengths as this technology secures your files from unauthorised access/use and shields them from hackers, malware, and other attacks. It also features a cloud firewall that delivers another layer of protection, blocking unknown web traffic.

    We answered this briefly in question one ‘How do you define cloud computing?‘, but here’s a more detailed answer. Defining cloud computing isn’t easy, as the benefits of cloud computing are endless and they depend on your needs. Cloud computing is a way of providing many computing services such as software, servers and databases remotely via the internet. Instead of having to fork out money to host this technology yourself on your premises, or pay computing companies an arm and a leg to host this for you on their premises, you would move these services to the cloud (essentially, the internet). This would then mean that you can connect to these services through the internet, anytime, anywhere, instead of through a physical network at your business’ location. Computing companies worldwide are recommending this approach, as there are so many benefits.

    An example of this would be hosting your database on one of the many cloud computing platforms which exist, such as cloud service amazon (known as Amazon Web Services, or AWS). An example benefit of this could be that if your business was caught in a flood, all of your data would be safe in a server somewhere off-site, completely unaffected by the flood.

    Cloud hosting is the procedure of outsourcing your business’ storage and computing resources to an online, cloud based technologies service provider. It allows websites and applications to utilise cloud resources by leveraging cloud based technologies. It improves scalability by connecting the network with various other cloud servers.

    The cost of the service will depend on the tasks that the cloud computing company performs for you. Each one has their own set of solutions to offer. This is why most clients will negotiate with the company to determine cost and services required before deciding if they should work together or not.

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